I will be writing pieces addressing a range of social issues and responding to current affairs. Topics will range from feminism, to politics, to climate change to mental health.  It is easy to shy away from these issues as they can be intimidating, confusing, overwhelming and despite  the fact they tend to fight for equality and inclusiveness  they can often feel exclusive and inaccessible. I hope to use art as an entrance point, a way in. I believe that art  is an incredibly powerful tool. I’m no fool.  Art isn’t going to close the gender pay gap, it isn’t going to reduce carbon emissions,  it isn’t going to improve literacy levels, it isn’t going to end gun violence, save the Great Barrier Reef,  nor will it eliminate sexism in the workplace.  But I genuinely believe that art can change the world. Art has the capacity to educate, to raise awareness, to inspire, to elicit empathy. And this process facilitates social shifts and it is the build up of these social shifts that can make significant change. 

Each piece will begin or be guided by a particular artwork, providing a visual entrance point. The thread that will unite all these artworks is that they will be done by females, or people that identify as female. Females because females are great, duh,  because females are underrepresented in the industry, because females need to represent themselves. 

Finally, this is a learning process for me too. There is so much I do not know,  so much I am going to get wrong. So if I am ignorant, say the wrong thing or offend anybody I sincerely apologise. I too am here to learn and I think thats the point.  Please don’t hesitate to call me out on anything, I would  genuinely love to hear from you.


Celia Mallard