Hannah Gadsby, Nanette, Netflix

'Powerful' - My Dad.

This one is not a recommendation, it’s an order. I am at a loss to think of anything that has ever made me simultaneously laugh and cry quite like this did. I don’t want to ruin it because you are about to do as you're told and watch it, but basically she gets halfway through her set when something flips and she declares she is quitting comedy. And the reasons why are crushing.  

Added bonus she does a segment on Art History and its very narrow representation of women, with its strict ideals of beauty and stereotypical gender norms.  She argues that from as far back as the Renaissance women have either been represented as either virgins or whores. One or the other, that's it, sorry ladies.  Gadsby sums in up in suggesting that ‘the history of western art is just men painting women like they are a vase for their dick flowers.’ 


Celia Mallard